SCG003C was designed for the world’s toughest race, the main focus being aerodynamic efficiency. Additionally, engineers had to consider the nonstop intensity of the Nürburgring 24 hours. A tough brief with a tight timescale, but two SCG003C first competed in the 2015 Nürburgring 24 hours with class-winning success. The attention to details, however, is what makes the car special. The bodywork is positioned and supported by a light skeleton of carbon fiber, which effectively forms a rib-like structure. This seductive bodywork has been honed to produce around 1,000 kilograms of downforce, thanks also to the Venturi shape of the underbody. The total weight of the body is just 105 kilograms, while still complying with the most stringent FIA crash safety regulations. Putting all that performance onto the road is double wishbone pushrod suspensions, both front and rear, with three-way adjustable shock absorbers. The braking system is made of stainless steel AP rotors, combined with Bosch 12-Stage Anti-Lock Braking System.

Racing for 24 hours non-stop means that the cockpit has to be functional at night, so innovative cockpit dynamics are a key area of the design. Driving functions are located on the steering wheel. Alongside the regular information center display, the additional two side screens are rear-view mirrors. The SCG003C is powered by a twin-turbo V6, developed in-house by MAT and Autotecnica Motori. The 3.5 liter unit has a maximum power output of 650bhp and two fuel injectors per cylinder. The entire engine weighs just 150 kilograms, with the catalytic converter. The powertrain is completed by a six-speed Hewland LWS200 gearbox and hydraulically controlled clutch. The result is a truly unique racing car, designed without compromise and handcrafted to perfection – in the same spirit of the classic Italian road racers that have shaped the history of sports car.


Overall length

4.810 mm (with rear wing)

Overall width - Front Fender

1.995 mm

Overall width - Rear Fender

1.994 mm


1.108 mm


2.700 mm

Front track

1.678 mm

Rear track

1.640 mm

Max Power

› 520 HP

Max torque

› 600 Nm (from 4500 to 6000 rpm)

- 2016 Nurburgring 24BOP

Vehicle weight

‹ 1.350 kg

Weight distribution

49% front 51% rear

Tyres front

300/680 - 18

Tyres rear

310/710 - 18

Max speed

› 320 km/h


0-100 KM/H ‹ 3.0 sec.


0-200 KM/H ‹ 8.0 sec.

Maximum lateral acceleration

› 2,5 g

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