Apollo IE

A car with its own soul


The Apollo IE is a superleggera that combines the aerodynamic efficiency and mechanical grip of a modern GT1/GT3/LMP race car with the classical thrill of a high-revving naturally aspirated V12.

An emotional car

The Apollo IE is aerodynamically efficient and connected, but unimpeded by any emotionally dilutive technological systems. During the course of achieving this goal we poured in heart and soul, sweat and tears. The journey itself was intensely emotional.


This car has an organic granularity that other modern hyper-cars strive for, but are unable to deliver. All this while featuring a modern, intensively striking design language that symbolizes the brand.

Technical Specifications

A car with its own soul

A car that provides the driver with modern, yet nostalgically pure, unadulterated sensory experience. A car that is fuel for the senses. A car that lives and breathes with intense emotion.


Lenght: 5066 mm
Width: 1995 mm
Height: 1130 mm
Front Track: 1678 mm
Rear Track: 1640 mm
Wheelbase: 2700 mm


1250 Kg


Max power: 780 HP
Max speed: 335 Km/h
0 - 100 Km/h: 2.7 sec.