A mid-engine, two-seat one-off concept supercar


A mid-engine

A mid-engine, two-seat one-off concept supercar that used the chassis and V12 engine from the Ferrari 512S. Designed by Paolo Martin, it debuted at the 1970 Geneva Motor Show, originally wearing black paint, although it was later made white.The 512S Modulo produced 550 horsepower. Ultra low to the ground, all of the wheels were covered by body panels, which made the front wheels extremely difficult to turn. The car's unique, spaceship-like design was a smash hit with critics from the moment it debuted, ultimately winning it 22 awards. The car showed up at several other international auto shows that year, including Osaka and Turin.

The Modulo is characterized

The Modulo is characterized by two overlapping body shells, separated by a rectilinear indentation on the waistline. Front assembly, canopy and trunk were joined in a single arching curve, the ample windshield was bordered by truncated come uprights that considerably lightened the extensive surface of the front assembly. The stylistic progression of the side windows was repeated in impression on the lower section of the module, in sheet metal.

The rear assembly

The rear assembly attracted attention by the fairing around the wheels, which joins up with the bodywork, creating a cylindrical motif of particular originality. Perhaps the car's most striking feature was its glass canopy, which actually slides forward to allow entry and exit. The mid-mounted V12 engine was also visible through 24 holes above the engine cover.