New Stratos

On the road with 25 limited edition vehicles.

Born for the road

The timeless design of the New Stratos, with its striking lines and lightweight bodywork, is already well-known throughout the world. The New Stratos is a car born to be driven: handling, control and stability on tight and twisty roads are the true essence of this supercar that does not shy away when confronted with dirt or snow. The interior reflects the spirit of the car: essential, bare but classic, a perfect combination of carbon fiber and technical surfaces to ensure style and sportive feeling.

A short story

At the end of 2017 New Stratos GbR granted Manifattura Automobili Torino (MAT) the rights to build 25 New Stratos vehicles. The New Stratos was presented at the 2018 International Motor Show in Geneva, together with the legendary Lancia Stratos from the 1970s. Paolo Garella, the founder of MAT, was head of special projects at Pininfarina and then project manager for the development and construction of the New Stratos on behalf of Michael and Maximilian Stoschek.

The first ever New Stratos with manual gearbox

At the 89th Geneva Motor Show MAT will present the first ever New Stratos with manual gearbox, another feature that reinforce the analogic essence of this car. Combining the massive, well controlled torque of the naturally aspirated V8 with the excitement of the manual transmission gives a real experience that is less and less available with automatic gearbox. This feature perfectly fits with the spirit of this project born and developed under the leadership of Michael and Maximilian Stoschek.

Technical Specifications

State-of-the-art technology

The New Stratos is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology. The body is made of full carbon fibre and has all the technical details and features that have distinguished the one-off vehicle: lightweight construction, excellent balance, exceptional handling and precise handling.


Lenght: 4181 mm
Width: 1971 mm
Height 1240: mm
Front Track: 1668 mm
Rear Track: 1701 mm
Wheelbase: 2400 mm
Front Hoverhang: 968 mm
Rear Hoverhang: 813 mm


Dry Weight: 1247 kg
Weight Distribution: 44/56


Aluminium Profile
Integrated Rollcage