Engineering and consulting


MAT's expertise

In the complete vehicle category, MAT is uniquely equipped to provide support on Package Creation, Aerodynamics, Model and Prototype Construction, and Testing.

Package Creation

MAT can support the package creation stage of a development project in a number of ways, ranging from proposing draft concepts, detailing vehicle descriptions with variant views and function definitions to validating functionally a given vehicle geometry.


The best performance – be it reduced drag, top downforce, best efficiency, or the three of them together – executed with a unique style and original architectural and technical solutions. Endurance racing prototypes development credits MAT with unparalleled skills in this particular field, whatever the vehicle body.

Model and Prototype Construction

So called “management prototypes” or “demonstrators” are a unique tool to evaluate the effectiveness of different solutions, at a stage where the cost of concept switching is still kept low. MAT is able to build such prototypes, at any required level of “meaningfulness” and according to highest standards.


Vehicle track testing is one of MAT key areas of expertise. Data acquisition with a virtually unlimited number of channels, a team of professional racers/drivers that can put to the test any performance in any condition, a team of engineers experienced in different sorts of car racing, are the assets that make up MAT unique qualifications in this field.

Body development

MAT can offer support in the exterior, interior and surface developments, from concept, style sketches, all through CAS, 3D design and technical validation.


MAT can support creating exterior, interior, and color & trim designs - in short, visual appearance for automobiles – through Computer Aided Styling (CAS) techniques. CAS modelers design Class A surfaces that combine form (aesthetics) and functionality (ergonomics), eventually converting the model into CAD files.

Chassis development

Handling and driving pleasure are key requirements in a development project. MAT experience in racing cars development guarantee the best possible solutions in the development or the modification of a complete chassis, including steering, brakes, suspensions, wheels, tires, axles.


MAT's consulting

A key success element in MAT ability to deliver to its customers’ highest standards is the capacity to tightly control schedule, cost and quality progress. Even when the development is carried out in-house by our customers, we can offer such competences to support any development project success, through body rental and state of the art methodologies.


Selecting the right partners and suppliers is as important as the quality of the development itself. MAT offer its experience to manage effectively the integration of heterogeneous parties towards a common goal, no matter the nationality and the field of expertise.


Each development project has its own specific issues related to legal regulations and the need for a local homologation. MAT is able to support any project, thanks to its extensive experience with USA and EU limited series and unique vehicle type approval procedures.